Almyra Collection

Adriana bikini in Lara printAdriana bikini in Lara print
Adriana bikini in Lagoon printAdriana bikini in Lagoon print
Eleni Bikini in Lara PrintEleni Bikini in Lara Print
Eleni Bikini in Lagoon PrintEleni Bikini in Lagoon Print
Nomad trousers in Lara and Adriana Bikini in Lara

Rise from the Sea

As the wave meets the sand and the salty element chisels the earth, in the land where Venus rose from the froth of the sea, a vision that encapsulates natural beauty and femininity came to life. In the island of Cyprus and under the brightest sun, handmade designs of beachwear and resort wear are tailored with care to worship feminine curves and individuality.

A mix of blue (μπλε in greek) and beige (μπεζ in greek) a game of light, patterns and textures is the essence of Mpleige collections. The personal dream of a restless soul along with a creative inspiration collided and a unique brand emerged.

Limited Handmade Collections



You are kindly requested to contact us so as to proceed with customization. We will do our best to meet your demand and serve you in the best possible way!

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